Day One: Apps with iAds

Excited to see the first iAds in the wild? Apple triggered the roll-out July 1st, at 2.52pm pst!

  • Curious how the saga continues? Read how iAds are doing on day 2 -or- where are the ads?
  • Update:, 2.52pm pst: iAd sightings in Removem Free and Air Hockey Gold, this time for “Dove for Men”. Ads are rolling
  • Update, 2.41pm pst: iAds start to show up now, another sighting in “Mirror Free for iPhone 4” of the Nissan ad (screenshot from the developer)
  • Update, 1.10pm pst: iAd sightings are still extremely rare
  • Update, 10.45am pst: First iAd sighting in “UDID Helper”

Here are some apps that feature iAd’s TODAY:

  • Mirror Free for iPhone 4 allows you to use that front-facing camera as a… mirror!
  • Removem Free is a great casual puzzle games with more than 7M downloads
  • Air Hockey Gold is the leading Air Hockey game in the appstore
  • GPS Location Free shows you the geo-coordinates of your current location
  • UDID Helper extracts the universal ID of your device and allows you to send to an app developer if you want to test pre-release apps

Note: I have temporarily disabled most pingbacks in the comments so other devs have a chance to add their apps featuring iAds

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19 Responses to Day One: Apps with iAds

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  2. My app (MyGPA Calculator showed the Nissan leaf ad this morning and I have seen impressions come through in the developer portal

  3. Joaquim says:

    ‘Base-2 Converter’, by yours truly, also has iAd integration. So far I’ve been unlucky enough to not get a single ad to show up, though.😛

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  5. Starting to see both the Nissan and Dove ads in our free Privacy for Facebook app –

    Interesting to see the ads rotate themselves; through a normal run through the app, the same banner view rotates between 2-3 different creatives.

  6. Chris Ostmo says:

    The free ad-supported version of my time tracking app has iAd running. If the ad is too slow to load (because Apple is still rolling out the service) or otherwise unavailable for you, no ads show.

    TimeLogger Free:

  7. Lucas says:

    iDaft 2 has been updated today with iAds

  8. Thomas says:

    My app should show iAds too but I can’t check as I’m not in the US

  9. Paco_777 says:

    juste in case, this fifteen game (with online image catalog) is also iAds powered :

  10. Gridlock says:

    Video Poker aka Jacks or Better by MobilityWare has iAds.

    I’m in Europe and they’re not doing anything though.

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  12. Johnny Ixe says:

    “txtAgif – Animate your MMS” now supports iAds. The revenue is pretty good so far:) txtAgif a free app to get, create and share GIF animations via MMS, Email and Twitter.

  13. Laurent says:

    My game PopPegs also has iAd

    As others, witnessed Nissan and Dove showing up. Nice actually.

  14. Our app – Faces iMake-Creative Craziness!!! has iAd from day 1 and we see an increase every day in exposers and revenue
    Our app is being used for at least 15 minutes every time because it’s a creativity tool.

  15. The update for our app, Orderberry Chef Tools has just been approved and in addition to iAds, we have added a few iOS4 features as well (local notifications)

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